Second World War and Holocaust Partnership Programme

Alongside the opening of new Second World War and The Holocaust Galleries in 2021, IWM’s Second World War and Holocaust Partnership Programme (SWWHPP) will support eight cultural heritage partners across the UK to engage with new audiences and share hidden or lesser-known, local stories related to these histories. Over the next three years, the SWWHPP will establish a Digital Internship, support skills development in Partner organisations and facilitate loans of IWM’s rich collection across the UK in support of digital and community-based events co-produced with local people and creative artists. The SWWHPP is generously funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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'One Story, Many Voices' on location at IWM London (© Morris Brodie)

As part of the project, we have contributed to a Digital Installation entitled ‘One Story, Many Voices’, which will tour the various partner venues before being permanently located at IWM London. The installation is a collaboration between the SWWHPP, local communities, StoryFutures Academy and a group of celebrated writers: Amina Atiq, Nicola Baldwin, Mercedes Kemp, Glenn Patterson, and Michael Rosen.

Our story, written by Michael Rosen, examines Michael’s own family history and his discovery of relatives murdered in the Holocaust. It also features the voice of Ghofran Hamza, one of our co-curators, describing her arrival in Aberystwyth from war-torn Syria. 

"I had two French uncles. They were living in France before the war. They weren’t there at the end."
Michael Rosen
'What Can You Do?'
"The Welsh people are really lovely and when I walk, just like walking, even if I don’t meet people, just the feeling, the smells, the nature around us, the flowers I see in the houses. All this small things makes me so happy inside."
Ghofran Hamza
'What Can You Do?'

The Digital Installation will be at the Arts Centre for the opening of the exhibition on 9 November 2022 until the end of the year, when it moves to our partners at the Manchester Jewish Museum.

Listen to all the stories and find out more about the installation (External)