Welcome to the project website for ‘Refugees from National Socialism in Wales: Learning from the Past for the Future’. Here you will find information about the project, blogs, and suggestions for further research.


About the project

Read more about the project, led by the Centre for the Movement of People (CMOP) at Aberystwyth University and organised through the Imperial War Museums (IWM)

Explore the History of Refugees from National Socialism in Wales

Learn more about the lives of refugees from Central Europe before, during and after they fled to Wales to escape persecution

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List of Refugees

Browse through the refugees from National Socialism in Wales mentioned on our website, and read, listen to and watch their stories

Second World War and Holocaust Partnership Programme

Learn more about the Imperial War Museums' Second World War and Holocaust Partnership Programme (SWWHPP), a collaborative project with eight cultural heritage partners from across the UK

Welsh Holocaust Educational Resources

Discover bilingual resources on the Holocaust for use in secondary schools in Wales, created alongside the Jewish History Association of South Wales (JHASW)

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Read our blogs

Read blogs on historical refugees, as well as modern-day refugees in Wales working with us as part of our co-curated exhibition at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Contact us

If you know a story of a refugee from National Socialism in Wales that you think we might be able to include, or if you are part of a community group that would like to be involved, please let us know.

For further information, please contact our Project Leader Dr Andrea Hammel on a.hammel@aber.ac.uk, or our Digital Intern Dr Morris Brodie on mob28@aber.ac.uk.

You can also contact us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.