Holocaust Resources Wales

Thanks to a grant provided by The Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR), the project is also collaborating with the Jewish History Association of South Wales/Cymdeithas Hanes Iddewig De Cymru (JHASW/CHIDC) to develop bilingual, locally relevant resources on Holocaust education for use in secondary schools in Wales. These will be available through Hwb from the 2024/5 semester. By promoting bilingual educational material on Holocaust and refugee history in Wales, we will support teachers to expand knowledge of the Holocaust among young people, increase the number of people engaging with Jewish heritage, and combat antisemitism and racism.

Below you can access the first five English and Welsh-language resources created as part of the project. The first four resources focus on the Kindertransport, and the fifth looks at Aero Zipp Fasteners at Treforest Trading Estate

Other resources will look at: Kristallnacht; Jewish artists in Wales; Jewish businesses at Treforest Trading Estate; Internment; Jewish refugees as domestic servants; Jewish refugee doctors, dentists and nurses in Wales; Jewish refugees in the British Army during WW2; Religious life of Jewish refugees; the Welsh language; Liberation; Identity; and Remembering the Holocaust.

Further resources

The Centre for Holocaust Education at University College London has prepared research briefings for teachers to inform their classroom practice and increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning about the Holocaust.

The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust has a number of bilingual English/Welsh resources to learn more about the Holocaust and other genocides.