Pump Prime Funds awarded by the Rural Futures Hub for 4 new AU Rural Research Projects

We are excited to announce 4 new awards for Pump Prime Funded Research projects based at Aberystwyth University @AberRBI @ruralfutureshub

Many Congratulations to the 4 new AU Rural Research pump prime funded projects. Llongyfarchiadau i’r 4 prosiect arall a ariennir gan y pwmp Ymchwil Gwledig AU @ruralfutureshub @AberRBI @AberUni @AberCompSci @ibers_aber @Aberbschool @LowriTros @NaveedArshad26 @PKorsten Awarded to:

Dr Lowri Cunnington Wynn – Department of Law and Criminology “Environmental Justice for Future Generations: The Impact of Climate Breakdown on Young People Living in Coastal Communities in North West Wales” @LowriTros

Dr Peter Korsten – The Department of Life Sciences “The Aber Nestbox project: competition in a changing world” @PKorsten@ibers_aber

Dr Maria Plotnikova and Dr Mandy Talbot – Aberystwyth Business School “Post-Pandemic holiday let economy in West Wales and its effect on the tourism sector” @Aberbschool

Dr Naveed Arshad – IBERS & Muhammad Waqar – Comp Science “Rural Digital Connectivity: Technology-driven transformations to deliver improvements for residents in the rural setting” @NaveedArshad26 @ibers_aber @AberCompSci

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