RWAS 2023 “What does Net Zero look like to you?”

On Monday the 24th July the Rural Futures Hub hosted a round table workshop in the Aberystwyth University Pavilion, at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show 2023.

The session was introduced by the Rural Futures Hub (RFH) director Prof Alison Kingston Smith and the workshop dialogue was facilitated by the RFH and LPIP director Prof Mike Woods. The aim of the workshop was to encourage dialogue and networking between the University and external stakeholders. In addition, consideration for the delivery of the workshop included inviting stakeholders who may be interested in being linked to the bids that the researchers are currently involved in.

Stakeholders and Aberystwyth University researchers were invited to come together to discuss “What does Net Zero mean to you?”

Discussions were based around topics such as What does Net Zero look like? What are the challenges to reaching Net Zero? Can technology assist us in reaching Net Zero? Can we adapt the way we live and work to reach Net Zero? Finally what do farmers; communities and stakeholders need to know or to act on to reach Net Zero?

A great opportunity to discuss and listen to a wide range of thoughts and views on these topics. Thank you to all who attended.

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