Rural Futures Hub Mini Conference



Thank you to the speakers and all who attended and brought posters to the @ruralfutureshub mini conference yesterday. Highlighting a wide variety of interdisciplinary rural research projects currently underway @AberUni

Prof Alison Kingston-Smith – Welcome and introductions/ Supporting research

Prof Mike Woods “Developing the Concept of Regenerative Tourism for Rural Wales ”

Prof Mariecia Fraser “Creation of an agroforestry research and teaching capability at AU”

Dr Jesse Heley and Hefin Williams “‘Losing the last bank in town’. Developing an open-source platform to quantify the spatial variation and accessibility of services, amenities, and enterprises in rural areas”

Dr Lowri Cunnington Wynn (pre-recorded) “Environmental Justice for Future Generations: The Impact of Climate Breakdown on Young People Living in Coastal Communities in Northwest Wales”

Dr Peter Korsten “The Aber Nestbox project: competition in a changing world”

Dr Maria Plotnikova and Dr Mandy Talbot “Post-pandemic holiday let economy in West Wales and its effect on the tourism sector”

Dr Muhammad Naveed “Rural Digital Connectivity: Technology-driven transformations to deliver improvements for residents in the rural setting”

Some great collaborative projects underway @AberUni working across disciplines and focusing on a wide range of rural issues. Lots of networking and energy in the room and plenty of interdisciplinary discussions. Looking forward to seeing further developments of these projects in the future.

We also hosted posters from @CUP_HAT_  @TransportHealth @VetHub1 @WISERDNews @CWPSAber at the event, highlighting some of the current projects underway at Aberystwyth University.

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