The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is affecting all areas of life, impacting on human health and wellbeing, financial security, social and political stability, and individuals’ and communities’ hopes for the future. Living with the coronavirus has thrown into relief many of our habitual ways of being and also our ways of living on this planet, including our entanglements with the non-human world. Covid-19 has provided a tragic reminder of the interconnections on which we all depend, underlined by the continuing threats of climate change and biodiversity loss.

In the light of these intertwined issues, we need cultural, artistic, and technological responses which help us to rearticulate new visions of what matters and how to engage with planetary realities and relationships – human and non-human. What does a healthy, just, and creative post-Covid world look like, in the context of both environmental and social crisis? And what steps might be made towards a more inclusive, ethical, and sustainable societal and planetary co-existence?