Proposals should provide a broad initial outline of your ideas, whether individual or collaborative, within 150 to 250 words. Alternatively, you may submit a 3-minute (maximum) audio or video file explaining your proposed contribution. A third option for proposals is to provide a small selection of sample visual materials, plus a brief commentary of no more than 100 words, that a full contribution would expand upon.

The proposal should include:

  • The theme of the proposed contribution.
  • The mode of communication/media in which it will be presented.
  • The questions it addresses in relation to life and earth during and beyond Covid-19.
  • A brief technical statement, where applicable, on: (a) what media will be needed to exhibit the work; (b) whether it is primarily to be exhibited online or in a physical space; and (c) spatial demands for any physical exhibition of the material.

We will keep the invitation for proposals open until 31 July 2021, with the online exhibition scheduled to launch in late April and growing over time as material is added.

We welcome proposed contributions from students at any level – undergraduate or postgraduate.

Contributions to the exhibition can be in Cymraeg or English, or both.

The Lives We Want is a gender-inclusive project. We welcome proposals that consider and/or reflect the diversity of human experience during and after Covid-19.