The NSC is being developed to help address the rapidly growing demand for new applications and technologies which use radio spectrum, including areas such as intelligent farming; the Internet of Things; autonomous land, sea and air vehicles; remote health monitoring and beyond 5G.

The NSC will make use of varied coastal, upland and rural environments in Ceredigion and Powys, with a central hub in the Lord Milford building on the University’s Gogerddan campus.



Information Pack

Information Pack

The Centre’s activity is currently structured under three pillars.

1. Agri-Tech

2. Defence and Security

3. Transport and Communication

The project is being developed within the Mid Wales Growth Deal and is based on active engagement with a range of industry and government departments.

Mid Wales Growth Deal

The Mid Wales Growth Deal, set within the broader Vision for Growing Mid Wales, is a long-term investment providing capital funding to support regionally significant economic infrastructure that drives private sector investment and stimulates growth.