Our AI Enabled World (Pushing Humanity Forward) is a cross-disciplinary platform that brings together, and connects, researchers and practitioners from multiple disciplines on local, regional and international levels.  AI is involved in every level of society and in the present era almost half of humanity uses internet technologies. Advancements in AI range from robotics and machine learning, health prognosis, drug discovery, and future foods. Applications range from leadership and decision-making algorithms, through to advances in arts practice (e.g. virtual pottery), although care needs to be taken in AI generated results.  

The group aims to set new agendas for the advancement of AI and research involving the use of AI. The group will utilise the excellent research resources of Aberystwyth University to develop and lead collaborations with academic partners, policy-makers, agencies, industry, and communities, and will build on existing networks and connections locally, nationally and internationally. It should be noted that this development is aligned with the UK National AI Strategy. 

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