Exploring your Digital Wellbeing!

In this session, we will explore the theme of ‘digital wellbeing’ and what it means to you. We will talk about the impact that technology has on our wellbeing and strategies for balancing its effects on our lives. The session will be a combination of presentation and discussion. It will help you to reflect on your relationship with technology and consider what you can do to make technology support rather than diminish your wellbeing.

Manylion y Sesiwn

📅 Dyddiad: 10 Tachwedd 2023

Hyd: 45 munud

💬 Iaith y Sesiwn: Saesneg

👩‍🏫 Seinydd: Ania Udalowska, Prifysgol Bryste

🎥 Recordiad: Gweld Recordiad Sesiwn (30 munud)

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